Lavish Love Abundant Beauty, Guitar Chords, Tabs

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Lavish Love, Abundant Beauty

  C                    F           G       
Lavish love, abundant beauty,
C           Am          G7           C   

Gracious gifts for heart and hand,
  C                            F            G         

Life that fills the soul and senses -
C           Am          G            C    

All burst forth at Your command.
     C                        F         G         

Lord, our Lord, Eternal Father,
C        Am        Dm           G   

Great Creator, God and Friend,
C          Dm             C         G    

Boundless pow’r gave full expression
  C           F        
            C    G     C  

To Your love which knows no end.

 C                       F               G         

Who I am that You should love me,
         C          Am       G7             C            

Meet my ev’ry need from birth?
C                        F        G   

Why invest Yourself so fully
      C      Am       G            C           

In a creature made of earth?
 C                        F               G              

In Your loving heart You planned me,
C            Am        Dm           G

Fashioned me with greatest care;
C              Dm             C                      G

Through my soul You breathed Your Spirit,
       C         F              C  G     C                  

Planted Your own image there.

    C                   F          G        

I am Yours, Eternal Father,
  C         Am     G7           C        

All my body, mind and heart.
C                       F              G  

Take and use me to Your glory.
C            Am       G        C

Form Yourself in ev’ry part.
C                                  F         G         

Lord, Your love brings joy and gladness
   C          Am      Dm        G      
Flowing forth within my soul.
        C           Dm    C               G            

May my very breath and being
 C            F              C        G     C  

Rise to You, their source and goal.

Words by: Peter Ellis
music: by Rowland Prichard 1830